The property at 15863 Cook Lake Trail was discussed at a hearing of the Marshall County Unsafe Board on May 26th.  The deeded owner of the property is listed as Linda Ward on Marshall County’s GIS. 

County Building Inspector Steve Howard told Unsafe Board members he’s been trying to contact Ms. Ward since February but hasn’t had any success.  He said her attorney, Jeff Houin did contact him recently and he suggested he attend the meeting on May 26th. 

Houin told the Unsafe Board Ms. Ward is struggling with some personal issues and has made a relative who lives in Rochester her guardian.  He said her intentions are to demolish the home but there is still a mortgage on it.  Houin said they are working with the bank on some kind of solution but that it takes time. 

The County Building Inspector said he thought the right person would be able to rehab the home but currently the doors are wide open and there are windows that are broken.  Neighbors complain about animals going in and out of the structure.

The County Health Department has deemed the home not a healthy environment and inhabitable. 

Houin asked for some time to work with the bank and said he thought 60-days would be adequate to be able to present a plan to the County’s Unsafe Board. 

The board agreed to hold off on any demolition orders until their July meeting although they required the home to be secured and the broken windows boarded up.