At approximately 11:16 am, June 5, Rochester City Police were dispatched to 1302 Madison Street in Rochester.   When officers arrived at approximately 11:20 am they discovered someone had forced entry into the residence by forcing a rear door open. They also learned the person was possibly armed with an AK-47-style rifle.

Fulton County Dispatch advised they had the female occupant on 9-1-1. She advised she was hiding in another room with two children. Additional officers were called for assistance. During the situation, the suspect (now known to be 38-year-old Daniel Tuttle) fired rounds through the upstairs floor down to the main floor. 

Officers with the Fulton County Sheriff’s Dept., Indiana State Police, and Indiana State Police ERT eventually arrived on the scene and Fulton County Dispatch remained in communication with the female victim during the entire incident.

At approximately 12:34 am the female victim advised the suspect was attempting to make entry into the room they were in.  The decision was made to make entry into the residence. ISP ERT was able to utilize an interior flying drone to locate the suspect in a bedroom adjacent to where the female and two children were located.   It was determined that the suspect was deceased from an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound.  At approximately 1:15 pm the female and children were located and removed safely from the residence.

At approximately 1:24 pm Fulton County Dispatch advised of an Active Shooter at R.P. Home Supply. Several officers with Rochester Police Department, Fulton County Sheriff’s Dept., ISP, and ISP ERT responded to that call.

Arriving at the store the doors were found locked and immediate entry was not possible. It was decided to use a squad car to gain entry by driving through the doors.

Upon gaining access to the store several officers made entry and cleared the store. No active shooter was present.

They later learned from some of the employees that the cooperate office had requested them close the store due to the incident at 1302 Madison.  At that time the R.P. staff told the customers in the store that they needed to leave due to a threat. One of the patrons at R.P. then went to another store and advised the staff there that there was an active shooter at R.P.  9-1-1 was then notified of this information and the response was appropriate with the information provided at that time.

Rochester City Police Department would like to thank Fulton County Sheriff’s Dept., Indiana State Police, Indiana State Police ERT and Crime Scene Technicians, Fulton County Coroner’s Office, Fulton County Communications, and Lutheran EMS for their assistance and professionalism in the above incidents.