Keith Hammonds the Plymouth Building Commissioner was asked by Mayor Mark Senter about the latest news for 1808 Hillcrest Avenue, the hoarder house. 

Mayor Senter told members of the Plymouth Board of Public Works and Safety that the property still looks bad.  The basement foundation is still in place and there is a ladder in the basement allowing access.   

The mayor asked Hammonds to reach out to Eduin Rodriguez, the owner of the property, and find out what his next step is.  He said, “It still looks awful.”

Rodriguez purchased the home at 1808 Hillcrest Avenue site unseen last fall and found deplorable living conditions for humans and the nearly 2 dozen dogs that were left in the home when the previous owner, Judy Casbon left the state. 

The city eventually placed a demolition order on the structure and in April of this year, the single-story home was demolished leaving the basement foundation in place.   Mayor Senter lives in the neighborhood and wants to know what his plans are for the residential lot.

City Councilman Duane Culp also asked for an update on the property at 500 West Harrison Street, the old McCords Manufacturing Facility. 

City Attorney Sean Surrisi said he’s been working with an environmental lawyer for Cummins Engine Company, Inc. out of Columbus, IN who owns the property surrounding the building.  Cummins Engine is one of the parties involved with the property.  The other one is IHT Development Co. from Carmel. 

Surrisi said, “Cummins Engines is working with the Indiana Department of Environmental Management (IDEM) on some remediation planning at the site and sorting through the responsibilities of just which entities will be responsible for that.” 

Surrisi said he’s been on a regular, every couple of months follow-up with them.  The last call was scheduled about a month and a half ago but called off because there were no updates.  He anticipates additional information shortly and said work continues for the progress of a clean-up at the site. 

Mayor Senter did comment that the metal on the north side of the property has been cleaned up.