It’s an exciting time at Culver Community Schools! You may have heard, but if you haven’t, they have seven students who have enlisted in the military!

These seven students will be arriving at graduation in a Blackhawk Helicopter on Friday, May 27th!  This will be dependent on the weather.

The National Guard has had a media team present over the past few days to conduct interviews with students, teachers, and parents.

This is the first year that the National Guard has done something like this, and for them to pick Culver is a huge honor! Thank you, Sergeant Patrick Dobson, for coordinating this for the Culver students, the school, and the town!

If you are interested in viewing the landing of the helicopter and cheering on the Culver graduates, please know that the helicopter is scheduled to land at 4:45 p.m. at the Culver Community High School Soccer field.