Subaru of Indiana Automotive (SIA) announced on Friday that The REES Theatre will be receiving a $15,000 grant to assist in providing live streaming to nursing homes, assisted living facilities, and other shut-ins within the theatre’s service area.

“This grant will allow many folks to enjoy events presented by The REES who might not easily be able to access the theatre,” stated Randy Danielson, co-chair of the theatre. “The arts benefit everyone and we believe that being able to take many of our offerings ‘on the road’ so to speak can greatly impact the well-being of our citizens who might otherwise be denied new experiences born of The REES.”

The REES board, many of whom are Subaru owners, decided to show Subaru some love with a photoshoot that lined up several local owners who support The REES.  The photos appeared on The REES’ Facebook page and accompanied the grant application.