State Representative Jack Jordan (R-Bremen) Tuesday joined the majority of Indiana’s lawmakers in successfully overriding the governor’s veto of legislation protecting the integrity of girls’ sports.

House and Senate legislators voted on Tuesday at the Statehouse to override the governor’s veto of House Enrolled Act 1041, which prohibits biological males from competing in K-12 girls’ sports in Indiana. The vote came as part of technical corrections day, where lawmakers can take up any vetoes and fix technical errors in laws passed during the prior session.  

“Playing a sport takes dedication and hard work, and girls who want to compete deserve an even playing field,” Jordan said. “This works to protect fairness and opportunities for Hoosier girls now and in the future.”  

Indiana will join at least 16 other states that have similar laws on the books protecting female sports. Jordan said concerned parents reached out after an increasing number of biological males have dominated the national spotlight in girls’ athletic events across the nation.

There are certain biological differences that give males an unfair advantage over females in sports, like greater muscle mass, bone density, and cardio capacity. Jordan said the vote Tuesday was especially important as June marks the 50th anniversary of Title IX, which ensures women have an equal opportunity to play and compete in sports.

In Indiana, a gubernatorial veto can be overridden with a constitutional majority vote in both chambers, and the bill becomes a law without the governor’s signature. For more information about House Enrolled Act 1041, effective on July 1, 2022, visit

State Senator Stacey Donato (R-Logansport) made the following statement Tuesday with regard to the veto override of House Enrolled Act 1041:

“I am very pleased to see the veto override of House Enrolled Act 1041 succeed. This legislation is simply about upholding the integrity of girls’ sports and ensuring the hard work of these young women does not go unnoticed. I would like to thank my fellow senators who voted for the override and appreciate their continued efforts to keep girls’ athletics fair in all K-12 Indiana schools.”