On Saturday, June 11th at 11 a.m. Marshall County will celebrate the 150 anniversary of the County Courthouse.  The event will be held on the east steps of the Courthouse.  For inclement weather, the observance will move to Circuit Court.

Former Marshall County Commissioner Kurt West Garner and County Historian will welcome guests and give a recitation of records from June 11, 1872.

Timothy Pletcher, representing Plymouth-Kilwinning Lodge No. 149 for Rev. John Houghton, a descendant of John W. Houghton Recorder 1866-1874 Masonic Ceremony of Rededication and prayer.

Kevin Overmyer, President, the Board of Commissioners will recognize fellow commissioners and other elected officials in attendance.  He will also recognize the contractors and architects for the courthouse renovation project.   

Mandy Campbell, President, of the Marshall County Council will recognize fellow council members in attendance and give remarks.  

Judge Curtis Palmer from Circuit Court will recognize fellow judges in attendance.  Following closing remarks, Linda Star will sing Back Home Again in Indiana.