County Highway Superintendent Jason Peters discussed a quote he received from Tree Servants to spray the county’s right-of-way especially where county employees have already debrushed.

Peters said the new brush-chopper is working very well and his crew has been able to cut back miles of brush already this year. 

The quote from Tree Servants would spray an 8-foot strip of land immediately off the roadway.  The material used would kill the brush that grows but not the trees.

The estimate was just over $44,000 based on the county’s 900 miles of roadway. 

Peters said applying the material this year will put his crew hours ahead and being able to set the spraying up for a regular annual rotation will put the highway department years ahead of controlling the brush that grows along with county’s roadways. 

Peters believed he sought bids for spraying last December in the annual bid process and didn’t receive any.  He will review the bids to be sure.  It was suggested he seek a quote from another company to be sure the county is getting the best price possible.