The Beta Delta chapter of Tri Kappa invites the community to its Spring Student Art Show now on display in the door 5 corridor at the Plymouth High School. The show features and celebrates the astounding artistic talents of Plymouth’s fifth through twelfth-grade students.

With the help of the Plymouth Community School Corporation’s art teachers, Haley Church, Faith Hansen, Jeff Hunter, and Megan Wiesenberg, the organization invited students to submit their favorite pieces for the show. On May 6, the Heartland Artists Gallery’s Marjory Burkholder, Erica Coffing, and Nancy Schmelter enjoyed the challenging task of judging the works.

The judges awarded Sean Velasquez’s brilliantly colored watercolor pencil drawing of a parrot as Best-In-Show. She also placed first in the Mixed Media and Color Drawing categories and received a third in Black and White Drawing. Lincoln Junior High’s Daisy VanMeter wowed the judges with her depiction of colorful crayons, while Leah Jackson and Trinity Barth took top honors for the 5th and 6th grades. Students placing in the show received certificates, ribbons, and monetary awards provided by Tri Kappa.

All high school entries and the award winners from grades fifth through eighth grade will be on display at the High School through May 20. The public may enter through door 5 after 3:15 p.m.


Fifth Grade:  1st–Leah Jackson; 2nd – Aislynn Riffel; 3rd – Bria Fergison

Sixth Grade: 1st –Trinity Barth; 2nd – Lexi Longson; 3rd – Hayli Sullivan

Lincoln Junior High: 1st – Daisy VanMeter; 2nd – Chloe Hostetler; 3rd – Zoey Bradway

High School Award Winners

Painting:  1st – Noella Cervantes; 2nd – Taylor Delp; 3rd – Isabelle Grund; 4th – Elizabeth Kruyer; 5th – Aumrie Weiss

3-D: 1st – Isabelle Grund; 2nd – Alicia Teutle; 3rd – Jai Estrada; 4th – Emma Ogilvie; 5th – Coco Rosales

Black and White Drawing: 1st – Anna Cassidy; 2nd – Journey Houin; 3rd – Sean Velasquez; 4th – Alexandra Nuno; 5th – Triston Laffoon

Mixed Media: 1st – Sean Velasquez; 2nd – Kai Shook; 3rd – Brooke Marohn; 4th – Elizabeth Kruyer; 5th – Graison Ray

Color Drawing: 1st – Sean Velasquez; 2nd – Anna Cassidy, 3rd – Triston Laffoon; 4th – Jouney Houin; 5th – Jax Hummel

Digital Design: 1st – Brooke Marohn; 2nd – Graison Ray; 3rd – Isabelle Grund; 4th – Alexis Humes; 5th – Xinia Rogers

Ceramics: 1st – Aumrie Heckaman; 2nd – Marley Houin; 3rd – Aumrie Heckaman; 4th – Lucy Keirn; 5th – Alivia Kizer

Best of Show:  Sean Velasquez, color drawing

Tri Kappa’s Choice Artists: Ariana Moreno – Painting; Morgan Hite – Mixed Media