If you’ve been around the Wild Rose Moon enough, you’ve probably heard someone ask “when is Hiroya coming back?”  This question of course referring to the great guitarist Hiroya Tsukamoto who tours the country solo, with an acoustic guitar and a looping pedal, performing simply as “Hiroya.”  Hiroya was at The Wild Rose Moon last in 2019, one of the very celebrated concerts before the pandemic.  He delighted the audience so much that evening that everyone left wanting to see him again soon.  Now the wait is over, Hiroya returns to The Wild Rose Moon on Saturday, May 14th for an evening concert at 8 PM, with a Wild Rose Moon radio hour taping at 4 PM.  (Tickets are $15 and $10, respectively.) 
Hiroya originally hails from Kyoto, Japan, and got his start in the US with a scholarship to study at the famous Berklee College of Music in Boston.  While in Boston, Hiroya’s broad tastes in music and cultures resulted in the formation of “Interoceanico,” an ensemble that featured musicians from different continents.  The Boston Herald said, “Hiroya Tsukamoto takes us on an impressionistic journey.”  One WRM patron remarked that his music is so pretty there’s no way you can’t like it!”  Clearly, that reaction is shared around the US. His stop at Wild Rose Moon is just one of many dates on his tour, that takes him all over the country.  In addition to vigorously touring, Hiroya also offers lessons – both private and group, and workshops.  Should you want to pick up some pointers from him, you can study with him through Skype. He also has a Patron site that you can join to get exclusive tracks and early access to material, videos, etc.  As a soloist, he has four albums out, and three more with his ensemble Interoceanico. The newest, titled “Window To the World” came out last year.  Hiroya’s music really does give us a window to many different worlds.

Through his finger-style solo acoustic guitar, a looper, his vocals, and storytelling, the award-wining guitarist combines “folk, jazz, and world music” into something “eclectic, immersive, and mesmerizing.”  Acoustic Guitar Magazine says “the fingerpicking is delicate, fluid, and beautifully detailed.”  Come on out Saturday and discover this wonderful guitarist for yourself, and see why he was the talk of the Moon for so long!  Tickets are available at ASK for Flowers, www.wildrosemoon.com,  Eventbrite, or at the door.  Masks are optional.  Refreshments provided.

Article provided by Wild Rose Moon