In Indiana, we’re blessed to have a front-row seat to the agriculture industry at work. Whether you’re directly involved in farming or live in a rural community, Hoosiers get to see firsthand how big of an impact the industry has on our great state. But that means being extra cautious when sharing the road with our farmers.

Representative Jack Jordan said, “Hoosier farmers will soon be out on the road in planters, sprayers, tractors, and large trucks in order to make the most out of this year’s planting season. These vehicles often take up much of the roadway and move slow – some no more than 25 mph.”

Jordan encouraged drivers, “When driving near these large pieces of equipment, be aware of your surroundings. Accidents involving farm equipment often happen on hills and large curves on the road, which can cause blind spots. Don’t tailgate. Most important, be patient with farm equipment and try to give yourself extra time to get to your destination.”

He continued, “If you do attempt to pass farm equipment on the road, do so slowly and make sure there is no oncoming traffic. Also, pay attention to whether the farmer is actually pulling over and not just making a wide left turn.”

Rep. Jordan closed his comments by saying, “As Hoosiers, we’re fortunate to live in a state with a thriving agriculture industry. This planting season, be mindful of the work our farmers do for all of us – share the road and be safe.”

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