Jerry Hazeltine, Project Foreman from Midwest Maintenance gave the Marshall County Commissioners an update on the renovation work being completed on the Courthouse last Monday.

The clock tower portion of the project is, “moving along” but the weather has delayed some of their working days with high winds and rain.

Hazeltine said all of the exterior columns and the decorative scrollwood have been removed.  They’ve taken out the four louvers where the windows will be replaced.  He told the commissioners they are down to smooth sides.  Once the roofers have finished their portion of the project the carpenters will start again taking off the siding for the installation of the new siding. When the new siding is up to the dental molding, they will start reinstalling the decorative woodwork pieces.

Hazeltine told the commissioners once the carpenters have the siding back on and they start getting some of the decorative wood back on the courthouse tower they will go up to the eyebrows and the four clocks will be removed with the use of a crane.  They will close up that area and the new roofing and remainder of the siding will be installed on the eyebrows.

The painters will return after the roofing is completed and the woodwork is installed.  They will caulk the project and then complete the painting process.  After that, the scaffolding will be removed, and Midwest Maintenance will have completed its work.

Former Marshall County Commissioner and local historian Kurt Garner is in charge of the courthouse’s 150-year celebration. He has scheduled the event for Saturday, June 11th at 11 a.m.  Commissioner Overmyer said that is the official date that the courthouse opened.

Hazeltine said they have been in touch with the Marshall County Historical Society and have taken six pieces to the museum that will be on display as part of the courthouse celebration.