The Plymouth School Board accepted the recommendation of Kandi Tinkey, the corporation’s Business Manager to set the fees for the 2022-2023 school year. 

Tinkey said the corporation adopted new math materials this year and by law, they are allowed to charge up to 25% of the original cost of the new textbooks. Kandi said, “Working to find the best way so parents are not stuck with a large bill, our recommendation is to split the original cost over 6-years because the corporation only updates the curriculum every 6-years.  I think this is the fairest way.”  She said they can’t change to cost of consumables because they are used up each year by the students.

The recommendation was unanimously accepted by the Plymouth School Board.  This will set the cost for grades kindergarten through 5 grade and the costs for 6th grade through 12 grades. 

Kindergarten will be $130

First grade $137

Second grade $133

Third grade $142

Fourth grade $142

Fifth grade $127

6th grade with choir or no music $138

6th grade with band $150

6th grade with orchestra $147

Grades 7 through 12 are dependent on the classes students take.