A total of 1,022 registered voters took the time to vote before Tuesday’s Primary Elections. 

On Monday the Marshall County Election Board verified the number of voters who voted by machine, in the mail, or by the Travel Board. 

A total of 599 individuals came to the Marshall County Clerk’s Office in the Courthouse and voted on the electron voting machines.  The two Saturdays before the Primary Election machine voting was available at the Bremen Pines and in the Culver School Corporation Administration building. A total of 107 citizens voted at the Bremen Pines and 75 at the Culver School Admin. Building. That makes the total number of machine votes before election day 781.

The three-member Election Board then counted the mail-in ballots and Travel Board ballots precinct by precinct.  The ballots were counted for accuracy but won’t be open until noon on Election Day. There were 147 mail-in ballots with 15 applications still outstanding and 94 Travel Board ballots. 

Bringing all those numbers together gives a total of 1,022 early-election day votes.