Representative Jack Jordan is assuring voters that Indiana’s election system is safe and secure.  In a recent release, he said, “When it comes to elections, Hoosier voters should be confident their ballots are counted and results are accurate.”

He continued, “That’s why I supported a new law to ensure all Indiana electronic voting machines are equipped with a voter-verifiable paper audit trail by the 2024 election. Every voter will be able to verify their ballot on a printout before casting their vote. This step will offer assurances that electronically recorded votes are accurate.”

This law also requires anyone requesting an online absentee ballot application to provide either their driver’s license number or the last four digits of their Social Security number. This extra layer of identification will guard against fraud without creating a burden for voters.

Indiana’s primary election is Tuesday, May 3. Hoosier voters can learn more about election security efforts, find polling locations and see who will be on local ballots by visiting

Rep. Jordan said, “I want to thank our dedicated election officers and poll workers who are behind the scenes making sure elections run smoothly. We are fortunate to have community members dedicating their time to make sure votes are counted.”

Jordan closed his comments by saying, “Free, fair, and secure elections are vital to our democracy, and these added safeguards will help increase transparency and accountability in our elections.”