The Boys and Girls Club of Marshall County appeared before the County Commissioners on Monday to make their annual request for funding. 

Executive Director Andrew Fitzpatrick said, “We are just trying to reflect on the past from 2020 to 2021, through COVID and all the challenges we’ve had.”  Andrew said it changed their budget in different directions and support.  They had to change fundraisers and become more creative.  He said they are beginning to move back to their regular fundraising efforts.  Fitzpatrick said due to COVID they had to purchase another bus because the Plymouth School Corporation no longer drops kids off at the club.  That means more expense and additional employees had to attain their CDL to drive the bus.   

Fitzpatrick said the summer program is their biggest expense and when relying on fundraising it is difficult to make it all work together. 

Fitzpatrick said, “Last year when I presented in April, you all weren’t really sure with the funds and the direction of how things were going to go.  You let me know I would hear from you, but we didn’t get funds last year from the county.”   He said they were hoping for the $12,000 they had been getting and maybe a little more if funds were available.

There is another challenge facing the Boys and Girls Club and that is staffing wages.  They need to increase wages because they can’t compete with the fast-food places.  Fitzpatrick said their wages are typically $8.50 to $10.50 an hour for part-time.

Commissioner Kevin Overmyer and County Auditor Julie Fox said the 2021 claim for $12,000 has been submitted for payment and the 2022 claim has been also submitted for $12,000.