3-28-22        Monday News       12 A.M.

Nothing is more important to our democracy than a fair and secure election process, and this year, the General Assembly passed a handful of improvements to preserve the integrity of our elections. 

Senator Stacey Donato highlighted House Enrolled Act 1116 which requires all electronic voting machines in Indiana to incorporate a voter-verifiable paper audit trail by the 2024 election. This will provide a reliable way for both voters and election officials to confirm that the electronically recorded votes are accurate. HEA 1116 also extends the requirement for each county to maintain an election security agreement with the Indiana Secretary of State.

Senator Donato said, “This legislation also makes changes to the absentee voting process. HEA 1116 requires anyone requesting an online absentee ballot application through the statewide voter portal to provide either their driver’s license number or the last four digits of their Social Security number, adding an extra layer of identification.” 

The senator closed her comments saying, “I believe these are important improvements to our current system and will provide even more transparency and accountability in our voting process.”

To view or update your voter registration, visit IndianaVoters.com.