Have you noticed all the roadside litter in Marshall County now that the snow is gone? You’re not the only one.

Just in time for spring, the Marshall County Solid Waste District, also known as the Recycle Depot, is launching a new program to combat litter and foster community pride. With help from an Indiana Department of Environmental Management grant, the District has acquired a community clean-up trailer.

“It’s a tool library on wheels,” explained District Director Marianne Peters. “Sometimes we plan a litter clean-up and then find out only half our group has equipment to use. Our trailer comes with everything a group needs, including safety vests, gloves, grabbers, rakes, shovels, and bags. Groups can now just show up and we’ll have everything on hand to pick up litter or beautify an area.”

Depot staff will bring the trailer to the clean-up site and pick it up afterwards. Groups can borrow the trailer with a $25.00 deposit, which will be returned to them in exchange for a brief report.

“We want to make sure we are gathering data on litter, such as what we find, where we find it, and how much,” said Peters. “This helps with combating the root causes of litter. Illegal dumping is unsightly and bad for the environment. People who study litter habits point out that it’s also bad for economic development, because it reflects poorly on our quality of life. Keeping our county cleaned up shows our pride.”

Information about the Community Clean-Up Trailer can be found on the Recycle Depot website under Programs or by calling the office.

The Recycle Depot is Marshall County’s headquarters for recycling, household chemical and hazardous waste disposal, and environmental education. The Depot is located at 1900 Walter Glaub Drive, Plymouth, Indiana. For more information and hours, call (574) 935-8618 or visit the Depot’s website at www.myrecycledepot.org.