The PHS SPEECH TEAM placed 2nd in class AA state competition and 3rd overall Saturday at Fisher’s High School. Thirty out of thirty-three entries broke out of prelims into quarterfinals and twenty-one broke out of quarterfinals into semifinals. Twelve entries made finals.

Plymouth hasn’t won a state tournament since 2009, losing to Munster every year. Coach Dan Tyree said, “This year was the closest we’ve come. Last year we lost by over 100 points. This year we lost by only 12 points.” He continued, “With lots of nineth, tenth, and eleventh graders on the team our next state championship team is in sight.”

Finalist in Drama was Meg Robinson with 4th place

Duo with Aiden Ruiz and Alex DeJarnatt with 5th place, Graison Ray and Nathan Filson with 4th and Quentin Barker and Autumn Baird with a 3rd place

Humor Autumn Baird 6th

OP Aiden Ruiz and Alex DeJarnatt 5th and Garrett Bicknell and Claire Lewandowski finished 2nd

POI Quentin Barker 2nd, Anne Blake 5th

Poetry Graison Ray 3rd

Prose Mairin Mendoza 6th

Meg Robinson 2nd

Semi Finalists were: Claire Lewandowski, Madelyn Hutchings 2 events, Lylliana Siedelmann 2 events, Garrett Bicknell, Katie Fritz, Anne Blake , Emily Garcia 2 events, Gloria Sullivan, Mairin Mendoza

Quarterfinalists were: Dariel Hererra 2 events, Katie Fritz, Estella Mendez, Nathan Filson, Megyn Mann 2 events, Brice Hoover, Cassidy Riddle 2 events.

Also competing for Plymouth Maddie Harness, Sectional Champion.