On March 10th the Marshall County Park and Recreation Board met in the second-floor meeting room of the County Building. 

Board Secretary Deb VanDeMark read a letter from Arrow Head Country Resource Conservation and Development that said the Park Board’s grant application received funding in the amount of $4,000.

The letter said RC&D received 20 applications from seven of the ten counties represented by Arrow Head Country RC&D.

The grant funds will help pay for a feasibility study that will look at the best location along the Yellow River for the installation of kayak and canoe launches.

A subcommittee of the Marshall County Park Board has been looking at the possibility of adding a couple of additional launch locations for several months.  Chairman of the committee, Terry Borggren who is also the West Township Trustee told the park board he spoke with one of the County Commissioners to see if there was a chance of working in a launch site into one of the current bridge projects.  He was told adding something like that to the project would delay the bridge projects several months.   

Borggren said the Hickory Road Bridge project is complete but there is still some limestone where the construction trailer was located that creates a place to park.  He said that might be a good location with the new launch that is being stalled in Bremen.

Borggren has also had some discussions with an engineer with USI who offered some assistance.  They did a preliminary summary study for him and wanted to know what type of launches the committee were interested in.  He also said the ADA requirements don’t require a handicap accessible launch, but you do have to meet the ADA requirements getting to the launch and at the parking area.  Borggren said, “That is where the difficulties come in.”   

The Marshall County Park Board did not take any action on the USI feasibility study offer.