The Indiana Department of Transportation announced Thursday that $162 million in federal transportation funding is being awarded to 50 cities, towns, and counties in rural portions of Indiana.

The funding will help these communities to invest in local road and bridge improvements and sidewalk projects.

Marshall County was awarded $1,892,000 for a 2027 bridge project in Bremen.  The funds will be used to replace the historic bridge over the Army Ditch on North Center Street near the railroad tracks.  DLZ is the company who has been working with the county to submit the bridge replacement project to INDOT. 

For this latest round of funding, rural communities were asked to design, develop and purchase land for projects that would be bid during the fiscal year beginning July 2027. While the funds awarded now are dedicated to construction, INDOT will also be financially participating in design, engineering, and right of way acquisition components of these projects.

INDOT dedicates approximately 25 percent of its federal highway funds to supporting local projects each year. Metropolitan Planning Organizations distribute those funds to cities, towns, and counties within the state’s larger urbanized areas while INDOT distributes funds outside MPO areas. Communities must contribute at least 20 percent in local matching funds and meet other federal requirements to receive federal funding.

A list of all communities receiving funds can be found online here.