County Plan Director, Ty Adley presented members of the County Council with a copy of the 2021 Annual report Monday. 

The report lists members of the Plan Commission: County Commissioner Stan Klotz, David Hostetler, Robert Yoder, Craig Cultice County Surveyor, Jon VanVactor County Council, Terri Barnhart, James Berger, Matt Miller and Dan Voreis and County Board of Zoning Appeals members: Jeff Gustafson, James Berger, Matt Miller, Jeff Kutch and Michelle Mieras. 

Looking at the year in review Adley said 2021 was a year of great accomplishments for Marshall County both through the Planning Commission and BZA.  The Department has experienced the new records in permit numbers and in valuation of permits.  In 2021 there were 1105 permits issued in comparison to the 997 issued in 2020.  The valuation for 2021 was $76,951.679 which is more than $72,729,400 in 2020. 

Adley’s report said, “Given everything that had occurred during 2021, many residents found ways to continue their investment in Marshall County.  The vast majority of these investments came in the form of new accessory buildings, conventional homes, and small commercial buildings.” 

The Marshall County Plan Commission had a total of 13 cases heard in 2021 versus 17 cases in 2020.  There was a total of 2 vacations, 2 PUD’s Planned Unit Developments, 1 replat, 6 subdivisions, 1 zoning amendments and 1 ordinance amendment. 

Addressing violations the report said in 2021 there were significant staffing changes impacting the programs on an estimated 40 cases in various stages.  Some of which made some progress through the Court stage while others have been left behind and will need to be picked up and reevaluated.  The main violations are waste and debris on properties.  Many feel their use of property does not affect the neighborhood.  We have properties which have been abandoned and are up for tax sale.  Adley said, “We are limited on the legal actions on properties up for tax sale.  It takes years to have structures removed.” 

The note from the director, Ty Adley said, “2022 will bring new challenges, opportunities, and changes to the Plan Commission.  Staff will look to address a few ordinance amendments both to the Zoning Ordinance and Subdivision Control Ordinance.  They will also look to capitalize on the funding from council to better manage the existing code cases as well as the new ones that continue to be brought to the attention of the Plan Commission.”