Members of the Marshall County Board of Zoning Appeals heard the variance of use request of David Miller at 6757 6A Road to allow a second residence on the property to care for elderly parents.

Mr. Miller would like to build a 36’ by 102’ stick-built single-story home on a crawlspace.  The home would house his elderly in-laws while he and his family would live in the existing home. 

Miller said the new home would become the primary home after the passing of his in-laws and his family would move into the new home and he would demolish the original home. 

The County Plan Commission staff and the Technical Review Committee recommend approval. 

County BZA members had some concern that the original home would not be demolished and wondered what the county could do it that happened. 

County Plan Director Ty Adley said if they received a complaint about the property and second home the county would pursue it to the end result.  The questions was what teeth does the county have to make sure the variance of use is followed and Adley said, “They made an agreement.  If it is not followed, the county will follow it through to the end, across the street (meaning the courthouse).

The County Board of Zoning Appeals unanimously approved the variance with the stipulation that when Samuel and Kathleen Yoder pass and the family moves into the new house the old home will be demolished in 90 days.