The Marshall County Coroner, John Grolich asked the County Council and asked for a waiver of the 2022 salary ordinance so he could hire a part-time clerical assistant.  Grolich told the council he has found a person willing to work in the office, but she is restricted on the amount of money she can make.  He asked to reduce to have the low end of the hourly pay rate reduced to $11 so the person he has found can accept the position. 

While Grolich was only asking for the change in the position in his department the County Auditor, Julie Fox recommended making the change for all clerical work in the county. 

The County Council approved the request and approved the 2022 Salary Ordinance amendment by a unanimous vote.

Next was the grant requests from Faith Freed from the County Health Department.  The first grant is for Elevated Blood Lead Level Reduction Grant.  The grant funds will help the County Health Department in testing for lead-based paint and mitigation of the lead paint.  The grant amount is $17,943.

Councilman Heath Thornton asked if this was a new grant and Freed said it was a new grant for the health Department.

Councilman Jim Masterson asked if lead is an issue in the county and Freed said, “Yes, especially in Argos with the older homes.  They don’t get rid of the lead-based paint like they are supposed to.  Kids are affected because they like to put everything in their mouths.”

Council members approved the Health Departments request to apply for the grant.

The second grant the Health Department requests to apply for was for the reoccurring grant for Childhood Immunizations. The funds will be used to help with promotion and the mobile medical unit.  Freed said this grant has typically been $60,000 but this time the Health Department is asking for $90,000.  She said they plan to go to all the different areas in the county to offer the childhood immunizations.  Freed said, “Because our immunization rates are so low in the county, we are really trying to get out there.” 

Councilman Jon VanVactor confirmed that the vaccines are all voluntary, and not mandatory.  He also confirmed that parents or guardians are required to be at the clinic and must of signed up prior to the schools event. 

Councilman questioned if the COVID vaccine was included, and Freed said that this time we don’t take that vaccine with us. 

The County Council unanimously approved the request to apply for the reoccurring grant for Childhood Immunizations.