The Marshall County Park and Recreation board met Thursday, March 10th in the second floor meeting room of the County Building. 

Under “Old Business” was an update on the Mill Pond Trails.  While it has been cold and wet the committee has done some work toward adding a new trail on the east side of the property.  They anticipate adding another 1½ to 2 miles of new trail by Memorial Day.  The initial clearing is complete, but the committee wants to do some dirt work, fix some corners and smooth out some sections. 

Park Board President Greg Hildebrand asked how the older section of the trail has held up and committee member Jeff Houin said they purposely left the leaves on the trail to protect it over the winter.  Once the weather stops freezing every night they will clear off the trail.  He said parts of the trail are really wet right now so the need to stay off of it and let it dry out. 

There was a question on the new signage, as to if it has been installed yet.  Houin said they plan to meet out at the trails this weekend and set some goals and make a determination of the sign location. 

Park Board Secretary Deb VanDeMark reminded the committee of a couple of park benches being stored in her barn.  As they are making the plans to determine where to place the benches.

The Committee also asked for a bigger map of the area that will be placed at the park for users to see.  The Park Board said they would work on getting the map requested.