The 2022 Indiana legislative session came to a close last week, and Senator Stacey Donato said, “I am happy to see a number of important initiatives pass the General Assembly.”

In conjunction with the governor, the General Assembly was able to safely end the public health emergency in Indiana by passing House Enrolled Act 1001. HEA 1001 ensures the state can continue receiving certain federal benefits and can hold voluntary community vaccination clinics as needed without further executive orders. This bill also includes important protections for employees of businesses that choose to institute a COVID-19 vaccine mandate, since most Hoosiers agree taking this vaccine should be a personal choice.

Hoosiers can freely exercise their Second Amendment right through House Enrolled Act 1296. This legislation removes the licensing requirement for carrying a handgun in public, joining more than 20 other states who have also removed this burden. Property owners will still be able to control who can carry on their property, and individuals who have committed serious crimes will still be prohibited from carrying.

Senator Donato said, “My fellow Republican lawmakers and I signed on to a letter urging the governor to call us in to a special session in the event that some or all of Roe v. Wade gets overturned by the Supreme Court. As one of the most pro-life states in the nation, I believe we should act quickly to further protect life in Indiana.” 

The senator continued, “In addition to these priorities, a number of my bills have also passed out of the General Assembly, including Senate Enrolled Act 269, which would make conforming changes to Indiana Code to deregulate low-hazard dams. SEA 269 was brought to me by a constituent in Miami County, and I am pleased to see the legislature pass this policy.

I also sponsored House Enrolled Act 1041, which prevents a male, based on the student’s biological sex at birth, from competing in female sports. It is important to me that we continue to uphold the integrity of female athletics and the progress that has been made to ensure equal access in K-12 education.”

Senator Donato closed her news release saying, “I am proud to have supported these efforts and believe these measures will continue to push Indiana in the right direction.”