Attorney General Todd Rokita is persisting in his efforts to protect Hoosiers from annoying robocalls that often come from scammers. 

“Hoosiers are bombarded with robocalls day after day,” Attorney General Rokita said. “Many of these robocallers are scammers trying to steal money or personal information from hard-working Hoosiers. There are important steps you can take to help protect yourself.” 

Today, as part of National Consumer Protection Week, Attorney General Rokita is offering these tips: 

  • Be wary of callers who specifically ask you to pay by gift card, wire transfer or For example, the Internal Revenue Service does not accept iTunes gift cards. 
  • Look out for prerecorded calls from imposters posing as government agencies. Typically, neither the Internal Revenue Service nor the Social Security Administration make phone calls to individuals. 
  • If you suspect fraudulent activity, immediately terminate the communication, and do not provide any personal information. 
  • Add your number to the Indiana Do Not Call List
  • Contact our Consumer Protection Division at 1-888-834-9969 or

Throughout his tenure, Attorney General Rokita has taken aggressive action against robocalls.  

In October 2021, Attorney General Rokita filed a first-of-its-kind lawsuit against an Indiana company that allegedly acted as a gateway into the United States for foreign robocallers. The robocallers allegedly made more than 5 million phone calls to Hoosiers. 

In March 2021, Attorney General Rokita, in a coordinated multistate action, stopped a massive telefunding operation that bombarded Hoosiers with more than 12 million deceptive charitable fundraising calls. 

If you receive an unwanted text or call, please file a complaint here with Attorney General Rokita’s office.