Attorney General Todd Rokita is leading data privacy initiatives to protect Hoosiers from would-be scammers and identity theft. He cautions Hoosiers to closely monitor their personal information.

“When it comes to protecting Hoosiers, you can count on me to do the right thing. Whether it’s taking on Big Tech or investigating data breaches, my priority is to serve the people who elected me and not the companies that are putting profits over people,” said Attorney General Rokita.

Since taking office just over a year ago, Attorney General Rokita has taken a strong position in defense of Hoosiers’ personal information, including suing Google over location tracking. Attorney General Rokita’s lawsuit aimed to penalize Google for violations of the Indiana Deceptive Consumer Sales Act and to ensure that going forward, consumers can both understand and control the ways in which their personal data is obtained and used.

In addition to this lawsuit involving data privacy, Attorney General Rokita has also pursued antitrust litigation against Big Tech companies Facebook and Google. Further, he has battled Big Tech’s censorship of Hoosier voices with investigations into Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google, and Twitter.

Earlier this month, Attorney General Rokita announced an investigation into a massive T-Mobile data breach that impacted more than 53 million people across the country.

Attorney General Rokita cautions Hoosiers to stay especially watchful for the following types of phone/text scams about which his Consumer Protection Division has received complaints:

  • Healthcare-related calls
  • Real estate calls
  • Credit services calls
  • Phishing scams
  • DirectTV/AT&T calls

If you receive an unwanted text or call, please file a complaint here with Attorney General Rokita’s office.

You also want to make sure to check your credit card statements to make sure no one has stolen your information. If you notice a discrepancy, Contact our Consumer Protection Division at 1-888-834-9969.