Cathy Hamann who lives on Cook Lake Trail appeared before the Marshall County Commissioners on Monday to see if Cook Lake Trail will be worked on this year.  She said, “It was on the list last year and it never got taken care of.  I didn’t see it on the list for this year, I’ve been following online with the minutes.  I was just wondering what’s the chances of our road getting repaired this year.” 

Highway Superintendent Jason Peters said the “Ridge” should be on this list for this year. 

Commissioner Kevin Overmyer said he knew it was on the list for 2021 but the highway department ran out of time.  They will be working on Cook Lake Trail this year. 

Mrs. Hamann also asked about the brush chopper and said, “When you come off the “Ridge” on to Peach Road, looking towards the south there’s all that brush in there and it’s really hard to see, especially when the leaves start coming on.  You have to creep out there really far and hope there is nobody coming from the other direction.”  She asked if the county highway could cut back the brush at that intersection. 

Commissioner Overmyer said the county highway has been all over the county with the new brush chopper.  He said they will get out to Peach Road and work on her issue. 

Cathy Hamann also told the commissioners that the snow plow is great at clearing the Cook Lake Trail but sometimes he keeps the blade down too far and it is digging out some of the road in front of her house which has caused a giant puddle. 

Superintendent Peters said they won’t be doing much patch work because they plan to reclaim that road this year and that should help fix her issue.