K-9 Officer Iroc with the Marshall County Sheriff’s Department will retire after Monday’s actions by the County Commissioners.

Sheriff Matt Hassel told the commissioners that Iroc has been in-service with the department since 2018.  He is now 6-years old, and his handler is requesting to retire him.  Hassel said the normal life expectancy is between 7-and-8-years.

His handler, Officer Andrew Wozniak wanted to keep Iroc as a family pet.

Commissioner Kevin Overmyer asked the Sheriff if the county has ever done this in the past?  The sheriff said they did the same request for Brandon Cooper.  When asked if either of the other commissioners, Mike Burroughs or Stan Klotz had any questions, Commissioner Mike Burroughs said jokingly he was disappointed Iroc didn’t come in himself to make the request.  Commissioner Klotz said, “It’s new to me.  This is the first-time request for me.”

The Marshall County Commissioners unanimously approved the request. 

County K9 Iroc was officially retired on Monday.  His ownership was transferred to Deputy Wozniak on Monday.