Plymouth Clerk Treasurer Lynn Gorski presented the council with a list of cancelled and unpaid warrants.   These are checks that weren’t cashed since 2019.  The total amount was $878.07.

The clerk was able to stop payment on three checks for city employees and reissued the checks.  She also found three of the checks that were applied to outstanding or current bills for the city and three more checks that were for individuals she was able to contact.  Those checks had stop payment placed on them and the three checks were reissued to the individuals. 

In other business the City Council also accepted a Conflict of Interest from councilwoman Shiloh Milner who works for AT&T. 

City Attorney Sean Surrisi told members the City of Plymouth is moving toward all departments with city issues cell phones over to AT&T.  He said AT&T has a program called FirstNet that offers a select amount of bandwidth especially for cell phones of emergency services.