Under Other Business the Marshall County Drainage Board head a request of Dave and Jennifer George on Quince Road from Drainage Board member Mike Burroughs.

Burroughs said he was contacted by Mr. George when water from the golf course started coming on his property.  His home faces Quince Road and backs-up to the golf course. 

Burroughs said, “When the water started to come down and the ground was still frozen he had to pump water from the back side of his house across over and to the ditch.  He got two big 4-inch blue hoses and ran them across to keep the water from going into his house.” 

Mr. George would like for the County Surveyor to look and see if it warrants a culvert going from that location across to into the ditch.

Surveyor Craig Cultice said he would look at the issue and see what can be done. 

Drainage Board member Kevin Overmyer said he received a call from a gentleman on Gilbert Road.  Overmyer said this is by the new solar farm.  This is out of the county’s jurisdiction.  He said they have talked to the Town of Bremen because the guys property is getting flooded because when they put in the solar farm, they took all the top soil off and graded it but didn’t put a swail in. Overmyer said, “All that water ran off the field and made a mess up there.”

Overmyer said he believes they have contacted the Town or Bremen and asked to get the issue fixed.