Jason Peters, Marshall County Highway Superintendent released the most recent update regarding roads that are closed and posted with signs.  Information was released Monday afternoon at 3:30 p.m.

Roads closed include:

7th Road from King to Jarrah,

Hawthorn from 4th to 5th Road,

Hickory Road from 8th to 7th,

8th Road from Hickory to Grape Road,

Hawthorn from 8th to 8B Road,

Cedar Road from 8th Road to 9 B,

8th Road from State Road 331 to Elm Road,

Cedar Road from 9B to 8th Road closed for sinkhole,

18B Road from Elm to Dewberry,

20B Road from Kenilworth to Linden,

14C Road from Muckshaw to Maple,

Gumwood Road from State Road 10 to 15th Road,

20B Road from Michigan to US31,

20B Road from Upas to the County Line Road,

Union Road from 15th to 15B Road,

3B Road from Rose to Sycamore Road,

12th Road from Cedar to Beech and

13B Road from Upas to State Road 17.   

The Tippecanoe River is currently at 13.18 feet which is still within the moderate flood stage.

The Yellow River is NOT currently in flood stage at 10.2 feet.

There has been no change in the National Weather Service Hydrologic Outlook from this morning’s Sit Report.