Here is the latest update regarding the current Flood Warning issued by the National Weather Service along with their Hydrologic Outlook:

  • Tippecanoe River is currently in flood stage.  The current reading is 13.39 feet.  Flood stage is 12 feet.
  • The Yellow River is NOT Currently in Flood stage.  The current gauge reading is 10.57 feet. Flood stage is 13 feet.    

·         Much warmer weather today and Tuesday will cause any remaining snow to melt.

·         Additional rainfall of between (.25 – .5 in.) tonight into Tuesday will combine with this melted snow to bring additional or renewed flooding on a number of rivers and isolated flooding of a number of county roads where ice has melted. The combination of the runoff of the melted snow and the additional rainfall should total around one inch or more if higher rainfall amounts are realized. This will either prevent flood waters from receding or will bring renewed flooding to rivers and flooded areas from late last week.

·         River forecasts will be continually updated with the latest information this week as flooding is likely to persist through Friday.

  • Flooding of low-lying areas will persist for the next several days.

·         We are currently at a “Watch” level travel advisory.

·         There will be some ponding on roads Tuesday morning Some county and some secondary roads are likely to be affected throughout the week as additional runoff exacerbates the situation.

·         Marshall County Highway Department is working on an updated list of roads posted or closed due to high water.

·         Sand and sandbags are available at the old EMA office located at 9515 King Road, Plymouth, which is just north of the Marshall County Highway Garage.  Individuals will need to bring their own shovel.

·         Much colder air will return Thursday causing grounds and standing water to freeze.