Plymouth City Attorney Sean Surrisi presented members of the Common Council with a job description for the Civilian Paramedic Training Instructor.  He said this is an addition to the department but several years ago they created the position that allows someone who is not qualified for the police and fire pension to serve as a paramedic.  The City Attorney said currently the salary ordinance only identifies a firefighter/paramedic training instructor and he suggested an amendment to the salary ordnance to create the position. 

Chief Holm said the civilian paramedic they have is moving and showed a lot of interest in becoming the training officer.  Holm said, “But the salary ordinance doesn’t allow for it.  In order for her to take on that position we need to create this new job description.”

Councilman Greg Compton asked what the purpose was to have a civilian that doesn’t fit into the pension.

The City Attorney said it allows some flexibility because the age requirement for the pension is 35.  You can’t be over 35 or you must have already been admitted to the police and fire pension with another service.  He said, “This just allows us to have a paramedic that isn’t part of that pension.”    The motion was made to approve the new job description and passed unanimously by the Common Council.