Members of the Plymouth Board of Public Works and Safety were updated on the Red Rock Inn situation during their meeting Monday evening.

Plymouth Building Inspector Keith Hammonds said the residential home on the property was demolished by the owner.  He said they are also making headway on making the second motel building at the back of the property inhabitable.  Hammonds said they are putting in new flooring and carpeting down, new light fixtures, new paint and all new bathroom fixtures. 

Plymouth Police Chief Dave Bacon asked for approval to offer employment to Joshua Fose.  The chief said he was their last application process and interviewed before you.  Since then, he was hired by the South Bend Police Department and graduated from the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy. He lives in Plymouth with his wife. Chief Bacon said he is already a member of the pension fund.   The Board of Works unanimously approved the request. 

Quotes were opened for police vehicles.  Oliver Ford was the only vendor to offer quotes.  They quoted a 2022 Utility Police Incerceptor had a manufactured suggested retail price of $40,330.  The City of Plymouth price was $33,870 per, for two the quote would be $67,740.  The trade in vehicle was valued at $3,500 so the net cost after trade would be $64,240.

Since Oliver Ford was the only vendor to offer a quote, Chief Bacon asked to move forward with the purchase.  Councilman Jeff Houin asked if the bid fit the budgeted amount and the Chief confirmed that it did.