Newly appointed Marshall County Museum Director Sandy Garrison told the County Council on Monday, “I’m very excited to be working with all of you.  I feel like I’m going to be carrying forward the legacy that the county and the historical society and Linda all worked very hard to create.  It’s a tremendous privilege and honor and I’m very excited.” 

Following her statement Garrison gave her quarterly report to the County Council.  The final numbers are in from 2020 and the museum had a total of 7,218 visitors for the year.  There were also 60 people who attended museum events through Zoom.

The number of volunteer hours was 3317.  Garrison said this was remarkable given the ongoing pandemic.  She noted the pool of volunteers is smaller right now. 

Garrison also mentioned the front window display at the museum.  The exhibit is on the County Courthouse and the 150th anniversary of the beautiful building.  There is a life-size clock face that is most interesting when you stand next to it and compare it to your own size.  They also have blueprints, furniture and old keys along with some architectural elements from the Courthouse. 

Garrison told the County Council, “One thing we started doing during the pandemic was not only creating exhibits signage but also developing QR Codes and that will be coming to the windows soon people can scan the block with their smart phone and actually read more about it.” 

Included in her quarterly reports from the various departmental reports.  She also said one of the inhouse project they have been working on due to the pandemic is conducting a fairly extensive inventory.  It’s something that hasn’t been done in a while.  They are making sure the computer catalogue is complete with pictures of every single item and location information to allow the museum to provide a better service.