Marshall County Highway Superintendent Jason Peters presented the County Commissioners with a contract for bridges #5 Tamarack Road and #9 North Queen Road during their meeting Monday. 

He told the commissioners the engineer’s estimate for bridge #5 was $338,467.80.  When the bids were opened the low bidder was LaPorte Construction for $335,718.46.

The estimate for bridge #9 North Queen Road was $284,190.50.  Low bidder was Laporte Construction at $284,208.00. 

Commissioner Kevin Overmyer asked, “So is that adds up to $619,926.46?”  and Peters said yes.

Commissioner Mike Burroughs asked, “Is this out of our pocket?”  And Peters said yes and reminded the commissioners that they are timber bridge projects.  The funds will come from the Cum Bridge Fund.    

The contract with LaPorte Construction was approved pending the County Attorney’s review of the contract and approval.  

Superintendent Peters also discussed the County wide bridge inspection project.  He received letters of interest from two companies and three letters of companies not interested at this time.   The commissioners will review the proposals from the two companies and score them.  Once complete the scoring sheets will be returned back to the Superintendent.