Marshall County Commissioner Kevin Overmyer asked Veterans Service Officer Pam Schweizer-Betz to attend the Commissioners meeting on Monday and to bring “the box” with her. 

Overmyer said last week all three Commissioners and the Auditor attended the AIC Legislative Conference in Indianapolis.   The Board of Directors for the AIC (Association of Indiana Counties) gave each county a “flag box.”  Overmyer gave the” flag box” to the Veterans Service Officer and asked her to select a location for it. 

Overmyer said people in the communities can take their old tattered and torn flags and drop them in the box and they will be disposed of properly.  The Veterans Service Officer will take the flags to the Plymouth American Legion where the nations’ banner receives a proper retirement.  The Legion conducts flag ceremonies that include a blessing to the flags before they are burned.  She noted that the Plymouth American Legion Auxiliary cuts the stars out of the flags, and they are saved and given to veterans. 

Schweizer-Betz said the American Legion also has a box out front of their building across from Oliver Ford to drop flags off in. 

The Marshall County Flag Box will be located on the third floor of the County Building in room 306, the Veterans Service Officers office.