It was a quick meeting for the Plymouth Park Board.

Park Board President Dave Morrow told the audience that Superintendent Mike Hite was unable to attend the meeting Monday evening because he was sick.  He said “In his absence we have some very capable employees sitting in, Jenny and Abby.  Everything is going to just go well.  They’ve got help from us and other folks from the city if need be.” 

City Attorney Seas Surrisi told Park Board members, “We went through the process of seeking proposals for consultants for the design of the Greenway Trail Phase III.  The result of that process was the Troyer Group being selected as the successful consultant.  We are in the final steps getting the paperwork to INDOT for that project.”  He expects the contract proposal will be completed next month. 

The Plymouth Park Board approved the Plymouth Youth Softball League contract for 2022.  They also approved the request of FREE use of the Freyman Shelter on April 16th for the Bikes for Kids event.  The Park Board also approved the 5-year plan that will be submitted to the DNR for grant opportunities.  The plan also helps the park department keep moving forward with new developments.