U.S. Senator Todd Young (R-Ind.) released a new video for his #BeijingBehavingBadly campaign to highlight the bad behavior of the Chinese Communist Party in wake of the ongoing Olympic Winter Games in Beijing.

The video highlights accusations of China violating human rights, including concentration camps, forced sterilization surgeries, and electrocution with cattle rods. “But back in Beijing, the show goes on,” a reporter shared.

“No doubt Xi Jinping, and his oppressive communist regime, hope to use this to further elevate his regime in the eyes of the world, and frankly, to normalize much of their behavior. While we should celebrate and cheer for our athletes, I think it’s appropriate that there’s a diplomatic boycott, we also shouldn’t let this opportunity be wasted in terms of highlighting many of the egregious human rights abuses, modern day slavery. We cannot normalize such a regime holding our Olympic Games,” said Senator Young in the video.

Senator Young first announced his campaign ten days before the Winter Olympics Opening Ceremony. He joined Fox BusinessFox Newsand CNN to share his efforts to hold China accountable.

Click here to watch the video.

Article provided by Senator Young’s Office to WTCA