The Marshall County Commissioners took some action towards creating a Regional Sewer District during their meeting Monday.   

A public hearing concerning the creation of a Marshall County Regional Sewer District will be held on Monday, February 21st at 6 p.m. in the Commissioners meeting room on the second floor of the County Building. 

The first issue the commissioners had to decide on was who would be the representative on the petition to create the Regional Sewer District.  The commissioner decided to have Commission Kevin Overmyer be the designated representative.    

They were also asked to determine the number of trustees for the Regional Sewer District Board.  The option was 5, 7, or 9.  The commissioners chose 7 trustees.  County Attorney Jim Clevenger told them the trustees must be landowners or rate payers in the area. He said the statute also suggests having a member from the utility you are working with such at Plymouth.  The commissioners would appoint 5 trustees and the County Council would select 1 trustee and the City of Plymouth could select 1 trustee. 

Attorney Clevenger said there is also an option to compensate the trustee.  State Statute allows for up to $50 per meeting.  The commissioners approved the $50 per diem.

The actions completed are in place only if they are successful in the petition process to have the state grant the Marshall County Regional Sewer District.