During the Plymouth School Board meeting on February 1st Kandi Tinkey asked the board to approve a resolution that will allow the corporation void 22 checks from 2019 that have not been cashed.  The total amount of the check to write off is $995.88. 

The board approved her request. 

The School Board also approved an amendment to the Student Handbook. Superintendent Mitch Mawhorter asked members amend the section on eLearning Days.  The change was to remove the portion that said “PSCS will have at most three consecutive eLearnig Days. After three consecutive eLearnning Days, additional days that are missed, prior to another day of school being in session, will be made up using other designated days.”

The Superintendent said there were no designated days in the current school calendar to use as make up days.  He said there is not a desire to add additional days to the end of the school year by the Plymouth Education Association (PEA) or the school administration.  He asked to have the section on eLearning removed.  That will allow the school corporation to have as many consecutive eLearning days as needed.     

Members of the Plymouth School Board approved the amendment to remove the language in the student handbook.