The Marshall County Election Board had a few candidates file on the final day, which was extended to Monday, February 7th due to the county offices being closed for three days.  The list of candidates includes:

Clerk of the Courts: Ann Anglin (R), Jenny Bennit (R) and Joy Hensley (R)

County Assessor: Peter Paul (R)

County Auditor: Angela Birchmeier (R)

County Commissioner District 1: incumbent Stan Klotz (R), Trend Weldy (R)

County Council District 1: incumbent Heath Thronton (R), William R Patterson (R)

County Council District 2: incumbent Mandy Campbell (R), Deborah Johnson (R)

County Council District 3: incumbent Jon VanVactor (R), Nicole Cox (R)

County Council District 4: incumbent Steven Harper (R), Adam Faulstich (R)

County Recorder: incumbent Janet Howard (R)

County Sheriff: incumbent Matthew Hassel (R), Jeffery Wojcik (R)

Judge Superior Court III: incumbent Matthew Sarber (R)

Prosecuting Attorney: incumbent E. Nelson Chipman (R)

State Representative District 7: Ross Deal (D) Timothy Jaycox (R), Sarina Williams (R), Jake Teshka (R)

State Representative District 17: incumbent Jack Jordan (R)

Town Council Members: Argos: Ed Barcus (R), Bob Byers (R), Erica Partin (R)

Culver Town Council: Bill Cleavenger (R), Bill Githens (R)

Bourbon Town Council: Les McFarland (R)

Township Trustees

West Township: incumbent Terry Borggren (R)

Green Township: incumbent Marie Fishburn (R)

North Township: Emily Haskins (R)

Center Township: incumbent Amy Knapp (R)

Polk Township: incumbent Jerry Lamb (R), Michael Norris (R)

Union Township: incumbent Marlene Mahler (R)

Tippecanoe Township: incumbent Matthew Pitney (R), Baylee McIntire (R)

Bourbon Township: incumbent Ryan Schori (R)   

Walnut Township: incumbent Stephen Wilhelm (R)

Township Advisory Boards are made up of three people.  The candidates for the various township boards are:

Center Township: incumbent James Baldwin (R), Andrew Dreibelbis (D) incumbent Keith Hammonds (R), incumbent Bruce Knapp (R), Cindy Martin Milner (D), Stephanie Peverelle (D)

West Township: incumbent Danny Bates (R), incumbent Tom Flynn (R), Cheryl McKinley (D), Cynthia Slonaker (R)

Bourbon Township: Kris Burger (R),

Union Township: Julie Crist (D), Terri Hinds (R), Michael Overmyer (R), Shirley Snyder (R)

North Township: Steven Davenport (D),

Walnut Township: Kenneth Dowdle (R), Joseph Stone (R), Dave Stults (R)

Polk Township: John Einhorn (R), Tim Kazanecki (R), Richard Parker (R)

Green Township: James Fishburn (R), Shawnda Wenino (R), L Dean Zechiel (D)

German Township: Whitney Stillson (D)