Tuesday evening the Plymouth Community School Board conducted a public hearing on the 2022 GO Bond Project that will make improvements to school facilities including site improvements, solar installation and the purchase of equipment and technology. 

Dave Schoof, Director of Operations described the proposed projects in each building.  Many of the projects are related to HVAC, air handlers, updating plumbing, repair of skylights and replacement of intercom systems along with some playground work and carpeting. Estimated cost for these project was set at

Schoof said there is another list of projects outside of the solar projects and the list from Barton Coe Viliamaa that are needed such as sidewalk replacement at Washington Discovery Academy along with exterior lighting and asphalt replacement estimated at $550,000.  At Webster Elementary some playground replacement at about $150,000.  The air handler in the auxiliary gym at the high school is original and should be replaced for $200,000.  There is some additional work at the new Lincoln Junior High School.  Schoof said they held back to keep the project on budget during construction but now he would like to do additional concrete work about the football/soccer field and some lighting for the field and some concrete work for the bleachers at an estimated $125,000.  Over at the Service Center there is an asphalt replacement project and additional asphalt work for $350,000 bring the grand total to $1,375,000. 

Superintendent Mitch Hawhorter said they would use extra leftover money from 2018 and the new bond to fund the additional projects. 

Representatives from Baker Tilley, the corporation municipal financial advisors attended the meeting and discussed the financing.  The maximum amount the corporation can bond was determined to be $5.6 million.  The estimated total interest would be about $325,000.    

During the Public Hearing there were no comments. 

The Plymouth School Board then approved the project resolution with estimated the hard cost and soft costs at $5,455,000.  The estimated costs of issuance would be $160,000 and the total estimated cost of the project would be $5,615,000. 

The School Board approved the preliminary bond resolution that shows the maximum interest rates, payment dates and maturity no later that January 2033. 

The Superintendent presented the Proposal for Services with Barton Coe Vilamaa for architectural and engineering services.  The various projects will cost $200,000 for the High School, $23,000 for Riverside, $30,000 for Jefferson, $20,000 for Webster and $176,000 for Washington.  The grand total for BCV is $449,000.   The Plymouth School Board approved the proposal. 

Melissa Christiansen, School Board President said, “Please note that this is just the first step in the legal process.  The board will continue to work with the administration and professionals to look for efficiencies to conserve tax dollars while meeting our educational needs.”