(4 P.M.) Here is the lates update for the National Weather Service on the Winter Storm Event:

We are currently under a “Watch” Level Travel Advisory.  No Shelter Operations are currently activated.  The Marshall County Highway Department advises that all roads are currently open, but Jason reports that some drifting is starting to occur.

Ward Byers, Town of Bourbon advises that their public works personnel are available to assist their emergency response agencies if they need help getting to calls.

Marshall County remain under a “Winter Storm Warning” until 7:00 pm on Thursday afternoon.  An additional 3-6 inches of snow is possible through this afternoon.  Snow will begin to taper off later this evening and there will be a short lull before the next event begins.  An additional 1-4 inches is forecast for Thursday.  In addition, winds will pick up with gusts reaching up to 35 mph.  Single digit temps and below zero windchill values forecast for

The wet/heavy snow we received earlier today has resulted in tree branches bowing from the weight of the snow.  Branches may snap off and cause damage to powerlines which could result in power outages.  Broken limbs falling could also cause damage to homes and other buildings.  Thursday – Strong winds will result in reduced visibility, with white-out conditions in some areas, and significant drifting across roads.  

Marshall County encourages schools, businesses, hospitals, long-term healthcare providers, and individuals to review their emergency plans and determine when they will need to be implemented.  Only essential travel is recommended, such as to and from work or in emergency situations. If you do not need to go out, please don’t.  If you must go out, please remember to drive for the conditions.  Give yourself extra time to reach your destination.  SLOW down and increase your following distance.  Make sure you have an emergency preparedness kit in your vehicle. 

When shoveling, only shovel small amounts of snow at a time.  Take frequent breaks and stay hydrated.  During colder temperatures, limit your time outside.