Here is the lates update from the National Weather Service regarding the Winter Storm Event

The Winter Storm Warning remains the same, it goes into effect at 1:00 a.m. Wednesday morning and will remain in place until at least 7:00 p.m. Thursday evening.  Total snow accumulation amounts have been reduced for Marshall County as the snow forecast for Thursday may stay south of U.S. 24.   Estimated amounts are now 12-14 inches for both Wednesday and Thursday down from 20 inches.   

We can expect wetter heavier snow for Wednesday and drier fluffier snow for Thursday with accumulations of 1-2 inches possible. Winds will be from the North at 15-20 mph on Thursday and that will still cause white out conditions and some drifting issues. Cold temperatures and subzero wind chills will follow Thursday night into the weekend.   

Travel will be extremely dangerous Wednesday into Thursday and possibly lingering into Friday.  Roads will become drifted, and some may be impassable. Exposure to extreme cold temperatures can result in frostbite or hypothermia.

Shoveling heavy, wet snow is strenuous exercise and can cause heart attacks, muscle strain, as well as slips and falls resulting in broken bones.  The weight of wet snow can also cause damage to structures, damage to trees and tree branches that could result in power outages and could also bring trees down across roads. 

Marshall County is still under an “Advisory” level travel advisory.  This will most likely be increased as the storm moves through, road conditions deteriorate, and travel becomes more hazardous.  Schools, businesses, hospitals, long-term healthcare providers and individuals should review their emergency plans and determine when they will need to be implemented.  If you do not need to go out once the storm arrives, please don’t.  If you must go out, please remember to drive for the conditions.  Give yourself extra time to reach your destination.  SLOW down and increase your following distance.  Make sure you have an emergency preparedness kit in your vehicle.  Only shovel small amounts of snow at a time.  Take frequent breaks and stay hydrated.  During colder temperatures, limit you time outside.