Megan Rogers and Faith Stull, members of the current Leadership Marshall County class appeared before the Plymouth Board of Public Works and Safety last week to seek approval for the temporary installation of 10 to 15 Walk Your City signs.

Each year Leadership Marshall County has their members take on a public service project to help their community improve in some way. 

The young ladies have picked the Walk Your City, a project to boost the community‚Äôs walkability by linking information street signs to points of interest. 

Megan Rogers explained they will have signs that encourage walking instead of driving by giving pedestrians the distance to a location such as the library.  The signs could tell people how many steps or minutes from the sign location to the library.

While it seems like a fairly simple, straight forward project it has a high chance of impact with a goal of generating more foot-traffic, increasing downtown vibrancy and drawing more attention to the retail businesses and resources located downtown. 

The signs are corrugated vinyl and will be zip-tied to existing posts.  The cost for the signs has already been covered so there is no cost to the city. 

The time frame is for a trial pilot period over the summer months.     

City Councilman Jeff Houin is also a member of the Complete Streets program and said they had suggested doing the same Walk Your City project but was happy to hear Leadership Marshall County students are undertaking the projects.  Houin then motioned to approve the request for the project.  It was seconded by Shiloh Milner and unanimously approved by the Board of Public Works and Safety.