The Plymouth Community School Board will meet Tuesday evening at 7 p.m. in the administration board room to conduct a public hearing on the 2022 GO Bond Project. 

The Board of School Trustees finds that the present facilities are not adequate to provide the proper educational environment of the students now attending or who will attend its schools.

The proposed project is to provide an improved and more efficient educational environment for students at a total estimated Project cost of $5,615,000.

Projects include spending $3,422,000 at Plymouth High School to replace the large building pumps, replace buy floor and other potential gym renovations, replace main gym air handlers to add cooling, replace main office air handler, replace electric sub-main by old pool, replace water heater and tank, replace 1961 and 1974 plumbing fixtures, art room renovations and fix the skylights in the media center.

Riverside Intermediate School projects would repair skylights and gutters, replace plumbing fixtures for 5th and 6th grade, add Variable Frequency Drives (VFD’s) to cooling tower, and carpeting for $384,000.  

Jefferson Elementary School projects would replace the gym air handler and add cooling, add new controls to complete the upgrade, replace gravity reliefs, new playground equipment and surfacing and replacing the intercom system for $508,000. 

At Webster Elementary School the plan calls to recontrol existing air handlers and multizone units, replace the R-22 condensing units, recontrol classroom valves and other remaining pneumatic equipment and place new carpet in the hallways, media center and main office.  Estimated cost is $346,000.

Washington Discovery Academy would get new HVAC throughout, new ceilings and lights to facilitate HVAC work, add a second chilled water pump for redundancy, replace domestic waterlines and restroom fixtures, replace carpet, and replace the intercom system.  Cost is $2,949,000.   

The School Board finds that there are not sufficient funds available or provided for in existing tax levies to pay the cost of the renovation of and improvements to school facilities, including site improvements, solar installation and the purchase of equipment and technology.   The proposal for Tuesday night’s meeting is to have the School Corporation issue bonds in an amount not to exceed $5,615,000 with payoff completed by January 15, 2033.

The Plymouth School Board public hearing is available online by joining the Zoom Meeting at