Plymouth City Attorney Sean Surrisi updated members of the Common Council on the Stellar committee and projects during their meeting last week.

Surrisi said during the Crossroads Team board meeting they elected a new slate of officers for the year, made some amendments to the bylaws and had a lot of discussion about the stellar projects going on in all the communities.  They discussed how they can help the various communities and work together in a focused way as they look at applying for some of the REDI grant funds for various other projects.

Locally Surrisi said bids were received for River Park Square phase II and the committee is reviewing them.  A recommendation of the award will be made at the February 7th meeting of the Plymouth Park Board.

The scoring and review process for the preliminary engineering consultant selection for the Greenways Trail phase III was completed and they are waiting on INDOT for additional documents before they can announce the selection any day. 

Surrisi said they are still preparing the application for the other two INDOT funded projects, the South Michigan Viaduct Project and the Harrison Street Trail Project.